ESOL: English as a second language. We work with the students, not only with the purpose that they speak English, but that they learn all aspects of the language (phonics, reading, vocabulary, and comprehension).

HOMEWORK HELP AND AREAS OF DIFFICULTY:  We help them with their homework, teach them the material they have difficulty with and give them reinforcement in their school curriculum.

TEST PREPARATION:  We prepare the students for specific examinations in all subjects.

ESOL:  Ingles como segundo idioma. Trabajamos con los estudiantes, no solo con el proposito de que hablen ingles sino que aprendan todos los aspectos del idioma (fonetica, lectura, vocabulario, y comprencion). AYUDA CON TAREAS Y AREAS DE DIFICULTAD:  Los ayudamos con sus tareas, les ensenamos la materia con cual tengan dificultad, y reforzamos el curiculo de su escuela.

PREPARACION DE EXAMENES: Preparamos a los estudiantes para examenes en todas las materias. 

Our ESOL program has been a great success.  With in a few months the children raise their grades in all subjects and increase their reading ability.

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